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Are you looking for a Family Doctor in Bradford West Gwillimbury area? WE are a Family Health Center with experienced and courteous physicians. We are currently accepting new patients. Contact for more information

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3 Convenient Options

MedstarZ Family Health Clinic is happy to accommodate our patients in Bradford West Gwillimbury with several convenient options to receive health care.



Call us or use the contact form to book your appointment in advance.


Have an emergency? Drop by the clinic to see one of our doctors.

House Calls

Can't make it to the clinic? We can come see you! Call for details.

Bradford West Gwillimbury
Family Clinic

MedstarZ Family Clinic is committed to you and your health. Our commitment is to address your current health concerns while providing resources to realize your goals as you look forward.

We strive to help you improve your health, achieve your wellness goals, and support your best possible life. In-person, on the phone, over video or via chat. You have options when it comes to your care.

We are accepting new family practice patients.

Our walk-in clinic is open to patients.

Family Doctor

Currently accepting new patients.

Walk-In Clinic

No appointment? No problem!

Primary Care

Providing comprehensive primary care services.

Urgent Care

Open late to accommodate your schedule.

House Calls

Can't make it to the clinic? We can come see you.

Woman & Baby

We are proud advocates of Women's health.

Travel Services

Don't let your vacation get ruined!

Your Health, Our Care.

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